Custom Bobble Heads 

UBobblehead is the top custom bobblehead maker, who provides personalized bobbleheads from photos with amazing likenesses. Our customers stand out again and again when they present gifts by ordering customized bobble heads. 2023 marks our 13th year of creating personal dolls for bobble head followers around the world.

Custom bobbleheads are excellent gift ideas for some special occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Boss’s day,  retirement, wedding cake topper, graduation, New Year, etc. The beauty of these bobble heads  is that they are affordable and amusing. In addition, because bobblehead dolls are generally placed on the owner’s desk, living room, etc., when they see them, they will think of you.

Our website has thousands of models for you to choose from, such as doctors, graduates, weddings, couples, superheroes, offices, etc., and we can also fully custom bobbleheads from head to toe based on the photos. 

Gifts will never be the same again by making your own bobblehead!

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