Custom Graduation Bobbleheads As Gifts For Graduates

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Custom Graduation Bobbleheads As Gifts For Graduates

Happy Graduation 2023! Imagine how exciting it would be to receive your Mini custom graduation bobblehead for graduation! Whether you’re graduating from high school or undergraduate or graduate school, or even kindergarten, it’s a milestone on your new journey into life, and it should be celebrated right away!

Why Give a Graduation Gift

In the past few years, there has been a lot of uncertainty about commencement ceremonies because of COVID-19, and many people have not had the opportunity to receive face-to-face graduation blessings.

As a family member or friend of the 2023 graduates, you know how hard they worked to graduate in special circumstances. Now that they have successfully achieved this achievement, why not directly show how proud you are of them with hugs and gifts? It is a unique recognition of their accomplishments and direction.


What graduation gift is given?

If you’ve ever been to a graduation party before, you’ll notice that everyone gives flowers, cards, gift cards, and even cash checks. Of course, no one can dislike cash as a gift, after all, it allows us to buy things we like. So what other gifts are available besides these common ones?

We can choose gifts from several aspects such as budget, personalized gifts, and future planning.


There’s one rule to keep in mind when choosing gifts: “Spend what we can afford, or at least don’t go into more debt than we’re willing to pay.” After all, it’s easy for us to forget the budget while trying to find the perfect gift.

Personalized gift

After graduation, everyone will be on a new journey, making new friends and adapting to a new environment. Especially for those who are graduating from college, it is no longer an ivory tower happy time at college, but a cruel real world. So why not customize a gift with a school or personal logo that will remind their campus life when they see your gift?

Here is a list of some gifts:
①Customized graduation jewelry – a necklace, bracelet, or ring with the graduation year or initials.
②Customized diploma frame – to proudly display their achievement.
③Personalized graduation print – It can be a single-person graduation photo or with family and friends.
④Personalized keepsake box – it can be used to store mementos during their school. You can add their name or initials to the box and decorate it with their favorite colors or designs.
⑤Personalized graduation t-shirt – you can add the graduate’s name, graduation year, or a personalized message on the shirt. They can wear it to their graduation ceremony or on casual days.

Future planning

If he is a high school graduate, you can give them something they can use in college life. Here is a list of gifts:
①College essentials kits – include items such as a dorm room bedding set, shower caddy, towels, laundry hamper, and other essentials for college life.
②Laptop or tablet – it is a must-have for students who need to work on assignments, research projects, and online classes.
③Desk lamp – it can provide the right amount of light for studying and reading without straining the eyes.
④Planner or calendar – it can help students stay organized and keep track of their assignments, deadlines, and social activities.

If he is graduating from college, he will need to find a job or even move to another city, so you can choose a gift based on his career plan, or you can buy some practical items for his new apartment. Here is a list of gifts:
①Professional suit – it will help them dress appropriately for interviews and work, which is the first step to success.
②Gift Cards – it is a great way to help college graduates take some time to relax and enjoy themselves as they transition into the workforce.
③Cooking Kitchenware – For graduates moving to a new house, there is nothing more practical than kitchenware or home appliances.
④Briefcase -If he is engaged in lawyers or finance, the briefcase can help him store important information. More importantly, it can make him very professional.

Why custom graduation bobbleheads as gifts?

The customized graduation bobblehead is a unique and thoughtful way to commemorate graduation. The figurines are usually made of polymer clay, and then they are completed by artisans with superb carving skills. The final graduation bobblehead is the mini version of the “graduate” wearing a hat and robe, and even holding a degree certificate in hand! It’s enough to make you the focus of graduates.

Can be customized based on career

In addition to customizing bobblehead wearing the graduation gown, you can also choose the custom type based on his upcoming. For example, if he is going to be a lawyer, you can customize a lawyer bobblehead wearing a professional suit and carrying a briefcase. If he is going to be a doctor, you can customize a doctor bobblehead wearing a doctor’s coat to surprise him. If he is a musician, you can choose to make a bobblehead to show the scenes of their musical instruments or singing.

Affordable price

We have a special discount for graduation season, starting at $68.88 plus an additional $10 discount for your first order. The final price is affordable for those who are committed to finding the perfect gift.

Permanent souvenir

Unlike traditional graduation gifts such as flowers, cards, or cash, the polymer clay of the bobblehead makes it easy to keep and can be treasured by graduates for years. When they encounter difficulties later in life, looking up at the bobblehead on their desk, they will think of their graduation day and the hard work and dedication they put into achieving their academic goals, which will undoubtedly give them the courage to get through it.

custom graduation bobbleheads

Graduation is an exciting and sad moment, excited that he can enter the next stage of his life, but sad that graduation means leaving his classmates and friends! The right graduation gift is a reminder of what they have accomplished, and they are also items and services to help them transition into the future. If you haven’t found the right gift yet, why not custom bobbleheads as unique and memorable gifts?

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