How To Make Your Own Custom Bobblehead From Photo?

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How To Make Your Own Custom Bobblehead From Photo?

A custom bobblehead from the photo is a specific gift to amaze them and they will definitely keep it in memory for several years.

Choosing a present for the ones we love isn’t constantly simple, specifically when we intend to mark an important occasion in their lives or make a strong impression.

A lot of times, we wander around trying to find the best gifts, something that fits the individual’s personality and interests, something that will indeed be maintained as a wonderful memory for a long period of time.

By customizing the bobble head doll, you can get a “mini person” you love that is highly similar to the photo you provided. Before you try to do it, you could check the custom bobblehead reviews first. 

Create Bobblehead  That Looks Like You


Step 1: Choose The Bobblehead Model You Love

There are various bobblehead collections for your choice, such as graduation, couple, wedding, humorous, sports, kids, doctor, superhero bobbleheads and so forth.
If you do not find the model you want, we also could fully custom bobblehead from the photo you provide.


Step 2: Upload Front Photo You Need To Custom

①If you select the model on the website, you only need to upload one front photo; after that, our craftsman will unquestionably custom-make the face of the bobblehead base on the picture you upload. Please focus; the facial expression could not change later.

②If you choose a 100% personalized bobblehead, you need to upload one head-to-toe photo, consisting of the pose and clothes. And you additionally need to upload another front photo to custom the facial expression.
If you have any other requirements, please add them to the “Order Note” or send an email to

Step 3: Our Craftsman Begin To Sculpture It For You

After you place an order, our craftsman will prepare to sculpt the bobblehead’s face from the next day you place your order.
There is two sculpture solution for your select:
①Vip sculpture service: faster-providing face proof within 4 business days.
②Normal sculpture service: providing face proof within 10-15 business days.
After completing it, our email service will send the face proof to you by email.


Step 4: Modify Or Confirm The Face

After you received the face proof, if you are not satisfied with it, please offer your recommendation; after that, our craftsman will modify it until you are satisfied. Please keep in mind every modification may take another 2-3 business days. After you confirm the face, our craftsman will add the hair and custom the body.


Step 5: Finished And Shipping

After our craftsman finished the bobblehead, our service will package the product and send them to the carrier according to the shipping way you choose previously.
Shipping Service Option:
①FEDEX shipping: usually take 5-7 business days
②Standard shipping:usually take 15-20 business days
(Due to COVID-19, there might be some delay in delivery. )

All custom bobbleheads are handcrafted and unique, which are the best gifts for family and friends on any occasion. Ubobblehead is a leading personalized bobblehead maker since 2010 and has made bobblehead dolls for tens of thousands of people. Customers’ support is our motivation to do better.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at

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